Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A full day

First yes, we celebrate the third anniversary of Lily's successful heart surgery at 17 days old. Laura and I were both off fortunately. We took Lily to toddler reading time at the public library. We then rushed to see David and his pre-K class with their costume parade. David dressed like a real super hero, a fireman. We then went to the park for a walk and exercise. Took some time for David and Lily to play on the playground. After picking up Daniel from school, we went to the mall where the kids could more safely get candy and they got lots! I then took them to Thomas Road's Kids Carnival while Laura took Daniel to a schoolfriend's house for a party. Then the four of us went to our new church location to help paint and clean and move stuff. We meet there for the first time this Sunday. Picked up Daniel and home after a long but fun day which we were glad we could spend together!
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