Wednesday, July 11, 2007

It's a Pennsylvania summer

So we met mom and dad a few weeks ago at the half-way point between VA and PA - Winchester - to transfer the youngest ones... David, Lily, Joshua and Isaac. That was actually Father's Day. The four of them spent the week there and the rest of us in VA went north (at separate times) the following week. Cousin Kent was already there as well. On Tuesday, the 26th, Tina, Laura, Daniel, Daisy and I went back home with Kent to visit Lorraine, Doug, Wayne, Mark and Nancy. We had a very nice visit and some really good food. On Wednesday, Laura, Daniel, Daisy, Dad, Lily and I went to the Belleville Livestock auction. Thursday was DelGrosso's Amusement partk day. Faith got sick with a migraine on the way and didn't enjoy her day so much. Daisy, though, got to hang out with Daniel and do the bigger rides and the big slides in the water park. Friday, we did some shopping and preparation for the reunion. In the afternoon Jackie, Tina, Laura, Kevin, Kent, David, Joshua, Lily and I went to the Lewistown train station to trainspot. Amtrak's Pennsylvanian came through at 3:46pm. We also saw two freight trains. Joshua is really into trains, so he had loads of fun. Oh, we also had OIP subs that afternoon!! Yum!! Our reunion went well... total of 26. We sang (Tina, Laura) on Sunday morning in church, then on a second song, Daniel and Daisy accompanied (guitar, flute). The week went way too fast. We love Pennsylvania and being with family. David and Lily both said they wanted to stay longer, until it came time to pack and leave. For some reason Lily changed her mind which made David very sad because he was torn. He wanted to stay, but he wanted Lily too. He (and we) tried and tried to convince her to change her mind, but she was steadfast in her "no", I'm not staying. Then, all of a sudden "I'm staying" and David was quite jubilant. They are both still there, playing video games, going to the library, McDonald's, Arla's, cooking, spending time with grandparents, uncles and aunt. Brian and Faith will bring them back to VA when they come visit next weekend -- so they will have had five weeks in PA!!! I have been really busy with my Master's school work... lots of reading and writing. The regular house work always suffers when I'm in class... but I guess that's to be expected when my priorities need to shift for the time being.

Today is Joshua's 7th birthday. I hope to take him to the Lynchburg train station and catch a train or two.