Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Lil coming home

Mom and dad should be on their way back with Lily now. They were snowed in over the weekend with the big Nor'easter. David woke up with the first words off his toungue "Today is the day Lily comes back." Last night he kept talking about her too. Said he hoped he would dream about her, that he will be so excited when he sees her because she is a special sister and he loves her better than anyone. In the store last night, he wanted to buy a piece of candy for her when she gets here. As we went to bed, he had his toy cell phone and asked me what the phone number is for gradad so he could talk with her.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Boys' birthdays

Lily is currently in PA. She went along back with mom and dad. They came down the end of Feb and early March to help celebrate Daniel's 16th birthday. Davis has school this week (though he missed the first two days due to a bad cold) while Daniel has Spring Break. Laura and I took the week off for Spring cleaning, staring our work in the basement. Wonderful weather to do so - in the mid 70's. Mom and dad should bring Lily back on Saturday. We hear she is having a great time!