Sunday, August 28, 2005

A record walk ... for us

Sunday night Laura and I walked 4 miles at Peaks View Park -- our longest walk together since we started becoming more active. Since David and Lily are in PA still and Daniel spent the day with friends we had some rare alone-couple time, and did dinner and movie. Ate at Subway, then at the cheap theatre saw an interesting social commentary in "Crash". A story that weaves together people from different walks in life and deals with racism. It makes you think about how we treat people and what stereotypes we buy in to. Dad called last night and asked us if we thought David and Lily could stay an extra week since the rest of the family was coming back to VA today. Since they are having such a great time we said certainly. This will give Daniel more chance to try to get his basement room ready and for me to get adjusted to my first week of school with Liberty's distance learning MBA program.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

...and back in the Hill City

We pulled back into our driveway a little after 8pm last night. Laura was in great pain in her back the whole trip and could not get any rest or relief even during the night, so we went to the doctor today. X-ray's show arthritis and inflammation around a disc. We have an MRI scheduled for Monday and until then, she's on pain-killers and anti-inflammatory medicine. She has relief tonight but knows she needs to be resting. David and Lily are now in PA, as they traveled north with Aunt Tina and Uncle Jackie. This is a good test for Lily - the first time away for several days without mom and dad. When I asked her today about going, she said "josh". Somehow she knew her cousins were there as well. All during the trip back from OH, David was asking if we were going to Pennsylvania. He found it hard to understand why we had to go back to Virginia and wait another day before he could make that trip.

Monday, August 22, 2005

In the Queen City

We traveled all day Saturday to reach Ohio, Loveland specifically, where we are staying at our sister in law's house for the weekend. David and I went to a Reds game and saw an incredible fireworks display - a pyromusical it was called. The game was pretty boring and ended with the Reds losing 6-2. Laura had a special night with the family going out to eat at a very special restaurant loved by the family. Sunday morning we took in a service at the Cincinnati Vineyard, then met up with mom who had just returned from a weekend in Columbus with her choral group. Ben, our nephew, received his Eagle Scout rank during an afternoon ceremony at East Fork State Park. We then stayed and enjoyed the lake for a little while. After a little rest and change of clothes, the we all had salad and pizza for supper, came back home tired and ready to crash for the night. A big day is planned later at Kings Island amusement park.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Another Year .... better!

Yes, turned 45 today (17th)! My team surprised me at work with cake, ice cream and balloons. I met Laura for a coffee at Barnes & Noble during my lunch. She is off work this week, which I could get real used to if the budget would allow it. We have walked together a total of 6 miles already this week. Brian and Faith went back to PA on Sunday after our worship set. We did some pretty difficult songs that Pastor Willie had requested. God moved as three words were given. In addition to that fruit, we've received unsolicited feedback about how others have noticed that we're trying to go to the next level as leaders. Pretty cool. We had a nieghborhood meeting last night about the construction coming our way as the city puts in new sewer and storm drainage systems. It will really make our world inconvenient getting in and out of our house (right on the cul-de-sac) when the time comes. If I keep blogging, I'm sure you'll hear about it. Before his aunt and uncle returned home, David got his wish and finally played golf at Tiny Town. We did that Saturday afternoon - it was incredibly hot. I think David's the only one who did not notice - he had a lot of fun. He was asking to play there everytime we'd go past the place. Sunday night Daniel had his friend Caleb spend the night. After Laura and I walked, while they played on the playground, we went out for snowcones to try to conquer the heat. We're cleaning this week and trying to get ready for our trip to OH this weekend.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Of tires and rain...

Last night it stormed so hard that it knocked a tree over just up the street from us. The heavy rains left a pool of water in our basement. I was busy pumping gallons of water out when Laura called because of a flat tire she had on the way to work. I met her in the J.Crew parking lot and helped her get the temporary spare put on so we could drive it to the garage to get it replaced. Turns out there were six screws in the tire. We learned later there was a spot where police were stopping cars - must have been a truck spilled there and she must have driven through prior to their discovery.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Catching Up...

Brother Brian and Sister Faith arrived late Saturday night. In fact, everyone else was asleep after I worked until midnight and came home. Daniel had a great time at camp earning Merit Badges in the morning and playing volleyball in the afternoon - he came back very tanned and with his hair buzzed short except for his long colored patch in the front. Pretty striking, looks better than when he left - parentally speaking. Laura and I walked 2 miles last night on the track at a local school ... this losing weight thing is slow, but we're sticking with it as consistency is the key to progress. It is making a difference - even in our stamina level! David and Lily got to go to their second straight Dakota Saturday afternoon birthday party. The first was our neighbor's last week, and this one was a friend from church. This photo is from our Toys R Us shopping excursion for one of the parties.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

While Daniel's away...

Saw Daniel off to Boy Scout camp in Powhatan on Sunday morning. Played keyboards during worship during church. Afterwards went out to eat at China Royal, then headed to the Dollar Tree and Toys 'R Us to shop for some upcoming birthday parties. After 'krogering' at our local grocery store we headed home ... a very long day. Laura and I settled in to watch a movie together, Miss Congeniality 2, after phone calls from both my dad and her mom ... nice to touch base. I spent today cleaning while Laura worked. Trying to get things in better shape for next week's visit from my brother and sister PA. Oh, can it really be August already???