Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Shooting for the stars... Lynchburg native Leland Melvin ... son of a very close friend of mine

When I was young, there was a time during which I once dreamed of becoming an astronaut.... now today, I have met one, and know his parents extremely well. I am just so excited and proud I can hardly contain it ... and yes, concerned enough to ask all for prayers.

Lynchburg native Leland Melvin is among the crew of NASA shuttle mission STS-122 set to launch on Thursday. Leland has been to our church several times and I was at a surprise party with him once for his father, Deems, who has helped me greatly many times over the years with car situations as well as giving me the opportunity to play music together. Deems and his wife Grace, along with their daughter Kathy, have already traveled to Florida for the launch. They left after church on Sunday. So if you care to learn more about Leland, his mission, his native city and family, follow the links. Even if you don't have such an interest, please pray for his safety and for peace and faith for the entire family. I would appreciate it greatly.


Stories in the local newspaper, News and Advance:

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