Friday, July 29, 2005

Shifting the Shift

I've been working adjusted hours this week. The reason, not good. Turns out the birth mother changed her mind, and my manager has taken time off to spend with his wife and adjust to this traumatic turn of events. My heart is breaking for them. We know what it is like to hope for a child, to long for the day of arrival ... they were so excited. I know that God is in control and pray that He fulfills their longing soon, and this was just part of getting them ready somehow. Working a little earlier in the day, with him away, has given me more interaction with the Director - and yes more projects and responsibility, but that's a good thing. Daniel has been very helpful in watching David and Lily while I went in early these past three days. Daniel is now needing to spend tomorrow getting his room clean since I have family coming to visit soon -- and pack for Boy Scout camp which he plans to attend next week.

A Day At Natural Bridge

Tuesday's are our off day, our family day, so we planned originally to go to the Virginia Zoo in Norfolk. Daniel invited his friend Fawn. When we learned that it would be a very hot 100 degrees and upon advice from some friends, we decided to stay closer by and visit Natural Bridge instead. We started with the zoo. We all enjoyed seeing the animals, but by 12noon, we were ready to get in some air conditioning. After a picnic lunch, we knew the Caverns would be a good place to head because it would be very cool under the earth. We were not disappointed. Then we took the afternoon stroll under Natural Bridge and to the end of the trail with the waterfalls. After a quick jaunt to Buchanan and a stop at Burger King, we headed back to the bridge for the musical drama of Creation. A very long day but great fun ... and great exercise. The impressive majesty of the bridge is a sight to behold. Pictures cannot capture its magnitude ... it proclaims the glory of God just in its grandeur alone.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The buzzzzz about the party...

After church yesterday we ate at KFC then shopped for a birthday gift for Joshua at Target. Tina and Jackie threw a party for him at Peaks View Park at 4:30pm. After play, it came time to eat pizza and drink sodas, and the bees found us.... many! They easily found their way into some sodas which were quickly removed from the table. NO ONE got stung, but the kids got pretty frantic. Once the food was gone, so were they pretty much. Joshua loved his gifts - and chose a few to carry around the rest of the day (his Spiderman hat, his bat/ball, and his new drawing pads). We did some walking around the park while the kids played and did not leave until dusk. A quick stop for gas, and a visit to Kroger before we made it home. Today, I spent the morning trying to get things ready for our planned family day tomorrow. Had planned on a 3-4 hour trip to the zoo, but since it will be very hot - 100 - we may not travel as far away. Daniel has invited his friend Fawn to join us.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Surprising my manager...

After sleeping in too long today, Lily and I went to Dairy Queen to purchase an ice cream cake for the surprise baby shower we threw this afternoon for my manager, John. He and his wife are adopting a baby girl, already named Maria, due to be born July 28.... very exciting! We had a great time celebrating with him. My exercise today, just as yesterday, was via the trampoline - able to stay in the shade, and though hot and humid, not near as much so as walking the hot, sunny streets, plus I don't need to push a stroller this way! The scale shows that its starting to work .... just got to keep it up! I've also been in contact with Liberty University (my alma mater) as I'm considering hooking up with their MBA program which is a long-distance learning program. I'm getting pretty excited about it, and when I spoke with John today, I learned that he is in the program and is also excited about us both being part of it!!! Pretty cool!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

A Walk In The Park

Had a family walk in Sandusky Park yesterday. Had a meeting at work and met Laura and the family at VBS. Things went well tonight for Laura, better than last night with the first-night work-throughs. Kids are having a lot of fun there. Had a late dinner, chicken roast I put in the oven during VBS and David and Lily loved it!

Monday, July 18, 2005

Neighborhood Home Makeover

Took a 2.5 mile walk today (Monday) with double stroller in tow ... by the time I got back, very HOT and wondering why I did such a thing in the heat of the day, both David and Lily were fast asleep and still were when I left for work. During the walk, I passed a house on Perrymont where there was lots of activity underway. It was explained to me that the couple had won the local 'home make-over contest' conducted by local TV channel WSET-TV 13. What a blessing for them! Meanwhile, they've been sent off for a second honeymoon. There will be a special broadcast live next Monday night at 7p. Had a business dinner at Meriwether's tonight, a real treat.

A Full always

Laura and I led worship yesterday morning at our church, Cornerstone Community. Our set included "Sweeter", "Lord I Lift Your Name On High", "Beautiful One", "Come Holy Spirit Medley", "More Love, More Power", and Chris Tomlin's "Holy Is The Lord". Pastor Willie concluded a 10-wk series on the power of God, concluding with the need to have "great faith". Everytime someone showed up to Jesus with great faith, they got what they were seeking. He never turned anyone away. But, it is fear that will sabotage our great faith - like Peter walking on the water, or the disciples in the boat during the raging storm. A good word to remember and practice. After lunch at Pizza Hut, during the afternoon, Laura and Daniel helped to decorate for VBS. I stayed home with David and Lily where we lost power for about two hours. It returned just as we were beginning to feel like pioneers and have the candles and oil lamps lit - as well as thinking we'd have a night without tv or computer. Then, it came back which made David extrememly happy.

Friday, July 15, 2005

They are soooooo cute!

Friday still? No... already Saturday. At least I took today off work so that Laura could attend a women's retreat at Natural Bridge with ladies from our church. Got caught up folding laundry (which should make her happy) before taking a few moments here. Took David and Lily to the last night of Bible School at Tree of Life tonight -- Superheroes theme. They enjoyed themselves. It is our neighbor's home church and she plans to bring her daughter to our VBS next week. Lily turned 21 months old on Wednesday!!! I didn't walk today, but Laura and I have started walking more and trying to eat better. I bet I've walked at least 7 miles this week... which is a huge change. David and Lily enjoyed some library time this afternoon and yesterday when it was raining lightly, they wanted to wear their new raincoats. I haven't posted any pictures yet, but I'm going to try my hand at posting pictures of them now.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Getting started...

This is a brand new venture for me. I have a lot to learn, but I'm officially started...