Friday, May 26, 2006

School is out

Well, for one - David. Daniel still has finals next week before he is free for the summer. David is a bit nervous about the whole graduation exercise on Wednesday but knows special things are in store for him afterwards, like a trip to PA along with cousin Joshua to spend a couple weeks with grandparents, uncles and aunt. Grandma and Grandad will be here for the graduation and to take them back until we join them while on vacation in late June.
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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Still here

I know some of you have been looking for an update.... sorry... I'll add some more pictures later... So what has happened since I last posted?

We spent Spring Break in Cincinnati with Laura's mom. I actually drove up and back twice. Laura spent the whole week, but I had some obligations in Lynchburg. Laura was helping her mom move between apartments.

I finished my 2nd MBA class with an "A"!!! So happy about that. Taking another break now between classes.

Laura went on a women's retreat with the church to Natural Bridge.

Daniel and David are both getting close to the end of school. David 'graduates' pre-school next week, and it looks like his grandparents from PA will be here to celebrate. David, however, is a bit apprehensive about the whole school ceremony thing... but so excited about going to PA for a few weeks afterwards... "today?" he'll ask.

I have meetings today at work, so Tina will watch David and Lily for a while this afternoon.