Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Still here

I know some of you have been looking for an update.... sorry... I'll add some more pictures later... So what has happened since I last posted?

We spent Spring Break in Cincinnati with Laura's mom. I actually drove up and back twice. Laura spent the whole week, but I had some obligations in Lynchburg. Laura was helping her mom move between apartments.

I finished my 2nd MBA class with an "A"!!! So happy about that. Taking another break now between classes.

Laura went on a women's retreat with the church to Natural Bridge.

Daniel and David are both getting close to the end of school. David 'graduates' pre-school next week, and it looks like his grandparents from PA will be here to celebrate. David, however, is a bit apprehensive about the whole school ceremony thing... but so excited about going to PA for a few weeks afterwards... "today?" he'll ask.

I have meetings today at work, so Tina will watch David and Lily for a while this afternoon.