Monday, May 07, 2007

No good excuses ... but I'm back

We had not been to Richmond, VA (2.5 hours away) in several years, yet Laura and I found ourselves traveling there twice within two weeks recently. In mid-April, we attended a Delirious? concert after winning tickets through Liberty University's radio station. The prize included a chance to meet the guys before the concert. Really it was more of a worship event than a concert and we really enjoyed Vicky Beeching who opened ( very much The church had a very open space in the front to make it nice and easy to get close and worship. The wives (5) and children (16) of the group were along for the tour and after appearing on stage went down and worshiped among the crowd. That was very neat to see... made them very real... worshippers... not performers. Last weekend we went back (David and Lily stayed with Tina and the cousins and Daniel was on a Boy Scout overnight camp-out). Visited Short Pump mall since we have a J.Crew store there and ran into a former manager from the J.Crew Call Center, Keith, at Crate & Barrell. Then we were off to hear the Lost Dogs at St. Giles church. I had a sneaky suspicion that I'd run into an old college friend because of his similar musical tastes and because I thought he once attended that church. As we arrived - sure enough - so we got to reacquaint and spend the evening with him.

Daniel bought himself a moped from the grandfather of a friend at school. He needs to wait for a battery to really use it. Though it has self-generating power, it will cut off if he uses it too much. He's gotten a bit frustrated because that's happened a few times when he was traveling across town (to church). It's taken a lot of letting go and trusting God but Daniel is showing a lot of maturity and reponsibility as he has his first job now after school, and this was partly why he wanted to have some transportation in the period before he gets his license. Plus, with gas prices, it is very economical.

Say an extra prayer for his safety whenever you read this!!! Thanks. :)