Wednesday, June 06, 2007

David's pre-K graduation

It's amazing the difference a year has made in David's confidence. Last year he was the only one in the pre-school who refused to wear his graduation cap and shed tears while on stage during the ceremony. This year, he was full of confidence - participating in the songs, the hat, big hugs to his teachers - we are so proud of him! Plus, he has started going to the dentist after complaining of toothaches. Yes - he has some cavities and has already made a return visit to fill the one and returns on Friday for the others. He has been so brave and just done so well.

Mom, Dad and Faith were here over the Memorial Day weekend and were present at David's pre-K graduation. We picniced in the park on Sunday after church. Daniel invited friends - we ended up with 22 people. Yet, enough hotdogs to feed all! Daniel and his friends went into the creek and after they disappeared for a while, returned all slathered in mud!!

We again had a picnic lunch outside at Tina's house before Mom, Dad and Faith returned to PA. We did not send David or Lily along because of David's dentist appointments and because we plan to visit Grandma Kay and the others in OH this coming weekend.