Thursday, June 05, 2008

I'm Still Standing!

2008 is proving to be no less eventful than 2007. Here is what has happened while I've been away:
  • Daniel and his friend Chelsea have continued to build a lasting relationship.
  • We had a great weekend in February in PA visiting and playing in real snow!!
  • David was able to visit the NC zoo on an Enrichment field trip in April, and I was able to go along as chaperone.
  • Laura's mom fell sick in April, we thought we were losing her. Rick flew to OH. We drove there. She improved during our visit. A few weeks after coming back, Laura took a train there to spend two weeks assisting her with her needs. She returned to the hospital. We drove to OH Mothers Day weekend and Laura came home with us. Mom had a close friend from FL staying with her now.
  • Daniel and Chelsea attended the LCA Jr/Sr banquet and were able to ride a limousine there with friends. The Afters performed at the event.
  • David had a tooth filling come out and had to have the tooth pulled.
  • David wrote a poem which led to his seletion as a Lynchburg schools writer in residence along with about 30 other students in the city.
  • Lily graduated from her pre-school class. Grandma and Grandad were here to help celebrate. She went along to PA with them where she is currently. While mom was here she had a scarey moment where she got very sick and passed out. Ambulance took her to the hospital where she spent the night. She's following up with her doctors in PA.
  • I've started more seriously walking and trying to lose weight over the past month.
  • I'm back in school for another MBA class - Marketing Management.
  • Today, Daniel had his license returned to him. The lesson learned since the December ticket have been life-changing.