Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas in PA

We traveled north to PA Christmas eve after church. Except for the car overheating on Afton mountain we had a good trip. I need to get the problem, apparently a slow leak in the overflow or a hose. I was glad I was led to pack a bottle of water. We pulled straight in to Ellen cHapel with ten minutes to spare before candlelight service. Arla and Gerald were there as well. Lily was very sweet and so glad to see us. Mom had to work Christmas morning so the kids had to wait for most of their gifts. We did give them a couple. Kevin took a 3.25 mile walk with Laura and I. It started sleeting, then turned to rain while we were out. After the walk Daniel joined us to get some free coffee to warm up at a convenience store. Arla and Gerald joined us for supper. Tina and family arrived while we were still eating. They had a plumbing problem or would have left earlier. We all exchanged our gifts after eating. The day after, Laura and I walked to Ollie's. We decided we could return to PA the following weekend giving us the see Kent coming up Thursday. So David and Lily decided they wanted to stay there with cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents. Laura and I have to work today through Friday.
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