Monday, December 18, 2006


I'll try to post a picture soon, but recently my family and I had the opportunity to sign one of the huge support beams for the new Freedom Tower in NYC to be built where the World Trade Center once stood. The day before Tina, Lily and I attended the ceremony with NY Gov George Pataki and other dignitaries. Yesterday that beam arrived in NY where it is on public display. It will eventually become part of the basement structure for the tower. Mom, dad, Brian, Faith were in town and able to sign the beams along with all of my family and Tina's. The PA part of the family was in town to attend the Living Christmas Tree on Friday night (12/8). I was the only one not able to attend because of work. Actually, Daniel decided not to go because he attended a nearby coffeehouse concert with a friend instead.

After church Sunday, the PA gang left and took Lily along. She'll get to be the total center of attentio now for two weeks without competition. All of us in VA plan to travel up right after Christmas Eve Sunday morning worship to be there in time for Christmas Eve candlelight service at Ellen Chapel. In emails from PA we hear Lily is doing great but we miss her here.

This past weekend we have seem to caught some stomach bug. Started with David on Friday, me on Saturday night and Laura Sunday afternoon. Hopefully will not get it or at least until his final exams are finished. Gotta go for now. Will try to post sooner in the future with not as much time between.
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