Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The 43-hour layover ends ... or... On the road again

After 43 hours and more than $700 we're on the road again. Tom picked us up at the Super 8 around lunch, in our repaired car, and took us back to the garage to settle things. He and his brother co-own the shop which is very successful. While in town, anytime we mentioned Bard's, we heard good things and I told him that. He said their father was a minister and though he and his brother may never get to the mission field, they feel like they are helping a lot of people. Tom left a 13-year job in the banking industry, as a senior vice president, to follow his passion and help his brother out in this business. This is why we were treated with care, value, dignity and respect. Plus, via email correspondence, I learned that my tuition reimbursement check is waiting for me -- which more than covers the repairs. That's how God moved. Now, I can't wait to see how He'll move to replace the money yet again so I can take my next MBA class, but if I wait on Him, I know He'll be faithful!

Last night, we walked around Hancock (founded in 1749) visiting a little park and then on to eat at Weaver's restaurant where they bake over 500 pies a week! Very good cooking!! We enjoyed that.