Monday, August 20, 2007

An unexpected layover ... or... "stuck inside of Hancock, MD blues"

Great! Oh we're having fun tonight!

We're (all of my immediate family save Lily) stuck in Hancock, MD! We were following the van with everyone else (on the way back to VA) in the pouring rain - and almost two hours into the trip on Rt. 522, our car started making an unknown sound and the dash panel lit up. It was about then that the car just died as I pulled off the road. Funny thing is that those in the van never noticed and kept on going. Of course, with the rain, and 3 bicycles attached to the back, it was difficult ... plus turns out they thought I took a turn for a short-cut at that spot. So, then we played battle against poor cell coverage and left Tina several messages on her phone unable to reach her. This was after I crossed the street to and visited a very nice elderly couple (married 63 years!) who let me use their phone. They told me about a good service shop about a mile down the road (Bard's ... is that somehow appropriate?)... the poetic humor of all of these events... The service man (one of the brothers who co-owned) was very nice, sent a truck, towed the car as we rode in the truck, and hoped it was to be a quick fix. The rain subsided and we passed a Nerf football in the parking lot. Still continued to play phone tag... this time with borrowed cell phones since we were getting no signal with T-Mobile. Remind me next time to go with Cingular!!! The garage closed at 7p - this is all happening within the last hour before they close. We did soon learn that Cavaliers are great cars and it was very unusual but everything pointed to the timing chain that broke from their early tests... no compression! They will explore further tomorrow... and a head gasket will be needed too because the plugs I put in last week already were covered in oil. So, though this is rare for Cavaliers, we are the 1 in the 1-in-whatever statitistics.

We still were not able to reach Tina, home phone was busy as they also were trying to reach her or speaking with her.... we knew we were faced with spending the night in a hotel and called Super 8 about ten miles away in Hancock. The fine, nice, very kind and friendly gentleman at the station transported us here.

We did finally reach Tina, since she had entered cell coverage again and she debated coming back... but the van was full and all are going on to Lynchburg. We'll see about tomorrow when the day gets here. For now, we're safe. God knows exactly where we are and why and I choose to trust that. We prayed after we got into the room, because I was feeling quite a bit of stress -- the logistics, the unknowns, the expense involved, etc. I'm asking God for provision, for wisdom and guidance and for the ability to trust Him.

I truly believe He either allowed this to protect us from something terrible or to teach us something terrific. OR -- Satan was allowed to cause this to happen meaning it for evil, but God will ultimately receive the glory. You can join us in that prayer.

Oh well, for now we'll enjoy the wireless and cable tv. Hopefully we'll have somewhere to walk to tomorrow.