Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Heights achieved and celebrated!

Daddy and Lily had some special time yesterday morning with the boys in school and mom at work. We took a little drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Yes, I know that just being able to say that is not something to take for granted as some of you would have to drive for hours just to get to the parkway. I was hoping to see wonderful new brushstrokes painted by God amongst the trees, but things were still 'mostly' green... I did appreciate all of the sculptures of the mountain ranges however, and Lily (yes, still in her pajamas... why not, it was a lazy morning) did have some nice discussions about the leaves changing color and that Jesus is the reason.

Then, last evening -- October 9 -- Laura and I had a special date for dinner as it was the 25th anniversary of our very first date. Little did we know about the delightful journey that was ahead for us. Why do I remember? Well, I told someone recently that I was either very neurotic or desperate but it could just also be that I'm a hopeless and sensitive romantic at heart. Could it be both? In truth, probably!