Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Who's missing more? Reader or Author?

Truth be known, I had a hard time looking at the cover of this book each time I picked it up to read. Whether it was personal guilt from knowing that I had two arms and two legs, or disappointment with God that He would allow this seemingly cruel condition, or both, I struggled. By the end of the book, I realized that I was lacking more than Vujicic who had made peace with his imperfection. No, it wasn't easy at first, as Vujicic shares the struggle his parents had at his birth to accept him as their child, as well as the time he thought about jumping off the kitchen counter at age 10 in a suicide attempt. Still, as Vujicic grew in his relationship with God and learned to make the most of what he could not control, he grew in his acceptance of who he was and now includes humor in his writings and his public speaking... like asking a lady to give him a hand, having a friend place him in the carry-on compartment of an airplane to welcome fellow fliers or riding the luggage carousel at the airport just for fun. Vujicic embraces positive thinking throughout his story and encourages the reader to be intentionally ridiculous in the risks taken.

He writes:

But each of us has the capacity to add our own flourishes, to pursue our purpose, our passion, and our pleasures with reckless abandon and ridiculous enthusiasm... I've recounted my adventures as an airplane carry-on and an airport carousel rider, as a scuba diver and a stunt-man, as a fisherman, a drummer, and an orchestra conductor. My question to you now is: If imperfect me can have that much ridiculous fun, if I can push the limits and enjoy life so fully, what about you? ... dare to be ridiculous, and you will be ridiculously happy.

One of his favorite quotes comes from Marilyn Monroe and sums up his thoughts. "Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring."

His stories, his life and his challenges will help you stop feeling sorry for yourself no matter what your story or condition is and will inspire you to do ridiculously more with your life. So, go for it!

Videos of Vujicic's first movie role in "The Butterfly Circus" and interviews/speeches can be easily found on YouTube.