Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Average Joe or G.I. Joe?

Ever feel like just a John Doe, or Jane Doe? Like just an average Joe?

The good news is that God chooses and uses the average Joe and converts them into a G.I. Joe when they least suspect it. The catch? They must be found ready and willing... not necessarily able. Much like reading through Hebrews 11 which reveals how many men (and women) were key parts of God's story simply because of their availability, their place in time, and their faith; Meeder uses exampls from the Bible as well as real-life current stories of family and friends to show how God can use us. His encouragement is that we not allow ourselves to be frustrated by the normal and the mundane, but instead to realize it is part of who we are in God's calling. We should be looking for those we can mentor, whether it be our children or a co-worker, a friend, and even has advice for those perhaps too young still to feel they can be a mentor...

"And don't think you have to somehow be a perfect man of God! No, just be an honest, grateful, growing man of God -- still in process. On the other hand, if you are younger, full of promise, and lacking gray hair, then listen up: find a mentor.... walking shoulder to shoulder with men of age and faith brings balance to imbalance, peace from chaos, and wisdom out of foolishness." Meeder is vulnerable and honest in his writings from the heart, sharing much he has learned in the journey and what God has shared with him. His work will be a blessing to your life.