Sunday, August 28, 2005

A record walk ... for us

Sunday night Laura and I walked 4 miles at Peaks View Park -- our longest walk together since we started becoming more active. Since David and Lily are in PA still and Daniel spent the day with friends we had some rare alone-couple time, and did dinner and movie. Ate at Subway, then at the cheap theatre saw an interesting social commentary in "Crash". A story that weaves together people from different walks in life and deals with racism. It makes you think about how we treat people and what stereotypes we buy in to. Dad called last night and asked us if we thought David and Lily could stay an extra week since the rest of the family was coming back to VA today. Since they are having such a great time we said certainly. This will give Daniel more chance to try to get his basement room ready and for me to get adjusted to my first week of school with Liberty's distance learning MBA program.