Thursday, August 18, 2005

Another Year .... better!

Yes, turned 45 today (17th)! My team surprised me at work with cake, ice cream and balloons. I met Laura for a coffee at Barnes & Noble during my lunch. She is off work this week, which I could get real used to if the budget would allow it. We have walked together a total of 6 miles already this week. Brian and Faith went back to PA on Sunday after our worship set. We did some pretty difficult songs that Pastor Willie had requested. God moved as three words were given. In addition to that fruit, we've received unsolicited feedback about how others have noticed that we're trying to go to the next level as leaders. Pretty cool. We had a nieghborhood meeting last night about the construction coming our way as the city puts in new sewer and storm drainage systems. It will really make our world inconvenient getting in and out of our house (right on the cul-de-sac) when the time comes. If I keep blogging, I'm sure you'll hear about it. Before his aunt and uncle returned home, David got his wish and finally played golf at Tiny Town. We did that Saturday afternoon - it was incredibly hot. I think David's the only one who did not notice - he had a lot of fun. He was asking to play there everytime we'd go past the place. Sunday night Daniel had his friend Caleb spend the night. After Laura and I walked, while they played on the playground, we went out for snowcones to try to conquer the heat. We're cleaning this week and trying to get ready for our trip to OH this weekend.