Thursday, August 25, 2005

...and back in the Hill City

We pulled back into our driveway a little after 8pm last night. Laura was in great pain in her back the whole trip and could not get any rest or relief even during the night, so we went to the doctor today. X-ray's show arthritis and inflammation around a disc. We have an MRI scheduled for Monday and until then, she's on pain-killers and anti-inflammatory medicine. She has relief tonight but knows she needs to be resting. David and Lily are now in PA, as they traveled north with Aunt Tina and Uncle Jackie. This is a good test for Lily - the first time away for several days without mom and dad. When I asked her today about going, she said "josh". Somehow she knew her cousins were there as well. All during the trip back from OH, David was asking if we were going to Pennsylvania. He found it hard to understand why we had to go back to Virginia and wait another day before he could make that trip.