Saturday, July 15, 2006

Back to Ohio - no pretending!

A week ago we were in OH to celebrate a new beginning for our sister-in-law Linda who lost her husband suddenly 3 years ago (Laura's brother Rob). Linda and Al got married on Friday afternoon in a very nice ceremony. It was a great chance to reunite with Laura's youngest brother Rick, who we last saw in Oregon when he and Monica married. David, Lily and Daniel really enjoyed seeing him again and doing things with both he and Monica at grandma's house -- swimming, playing in the sand, just talking...

I came back from vacation to learn that my manager-partner (the day manager) had just up and left. Never worked out a notice, left any kind of contact information or let anyone she was close to know we wouldn't see her again ... so we'll all a little worried and hope she's OK. That was a good time for the team to take a fresh look at our progress, challenges, structure -- it always is. It was determined that the role of assistant manager (both of them) was not needed at this point, so I have accepted a supervisory position -- back in the role I was in two years ago. Change that I don't fully embrace yet -- but I'm OK and how I handle it makes a huge difference in the impact I have on others around me and any opportunities I have in the future. This is a picture of Rick and Monica... visit their business website at