Monday, July 03, 2006

Summer vacation

Back in Lynchburg after a great break away from everything routine. Our trip home to PA was longer than usual as we first drove West and South to pick up Daniel fom Camp Powhatan. That added about four hours and we also took along Daisy and Isaac. David, who had been in PA since May 31 was very happy to see us - lots of love and hugs - but not at all ready to think about leaving to go back to Virginia. We had our, I guess now fourth, annual family reunion. By the time we ended we had been joined by Tina, Jackie, Bonnie, Dale, Marsha, Stacey, Keaton and Kent (who stayed with us until Sunday). Monday and Tuesday we did some of our favorite bargain-hunting and just hung out. Wednesday, several of us went to visit Uncle Wayne where Kent and Loraine had a very nice meal prepared. After visiting a few hours Kent joined the trip back home to spend the next several days with us. Thursday we all went to DelGrosso's amusement park and enjoyed a super time together (Arla and Gerald joined us as well). It was great to be home and to significantly reconnect with family. If it wasn't for such a thing as a job I could easily move back and love it.