Monday, September 24, 2007

A big week ahead

David had no school on Friday, so I walked with he and Lily at the track after dropping Daniel off - used the double stroller. Only got a mile in - plus the extra weight. He and I had a rare daddy/David morning since I don't see him as much as I'd like during the week with my second shift work schedule. We went mall window-shopping, though he did come away with a used "on-sale" Gamecube game. I worked half-day in order to take Laura, David and Lily to a local night of magic, sponsored by the Salvation Army. The local ministry is raising money for a new Center of Hope which will house more homeless citizens in transition and have the capacity for husbands and older children to also be able to stay with mothers - currently not an option. There were 5 local magicians who performed, part of the Hersy Basham Assembly 32 of the Society of American Magicians. FUN! Lily maybe enjoyed it even more than David, clapped a lot, and repeatedly I heard "How did he do that?".

Saturday Lily, David and I walked 4.5 miles on the Blackwater Trail, and Sunday had Laura join us for a 2.0 mile walk there again. It starts at the awareness garden which honors those who been impacted by cancer.

Daniel had a show on Thursday night which his band, A Breath of Plagues, performed in and he went to one on Friday night, then spent Saturday night at a friend's house.

Today, I decided to break out the bicycle... something I have not seriously tried in a very long time. I rode three miles on the same track and what I discovered is that 1) it is harder than it looks and 2) my bike seat is not big enough to make my personal seat comfortable in the slightest!

Laura and I are looking forward to Thursday night when we'll go see Bob Dylan and Elvis Costello in Charlottesville!!! Then, this weekend, I'm taking a bus trip with a friend from work to Camden Yard to see the Orioles and Yankees.