Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Lily's First Day of School

Today is a very significant day in the parenting life of Laura and I. It was the first day of school for Lily (pre-school) meaning that all of our children were in school today. My morning was spent as Mr. Mom's shuttle-taxi service ... dropped Daniel off at 8:15, David at 8:30 and Lily at 8:45 (actually we had to wait a little as the doors didn't open until 8:55a). She had a great day and did very well.

Afterwards - I knew I'd have a couple hours to myself. I'd appreciate prayers that I may use this time (3 days a week) wisely for personal/spiritual growth, rest, projects, exercise, etc. Today, I decided to go to Peaksview Park and take a short walk since I have been very negligent in doing any kind of exercise and the scales are showing it. I only did a mile and a half but will increase as I continue. I encourage you -- if you want a way to lift your spirits, build your faith and re-energize -- take a walk alone if you can... I found myself talking to God about a lot of things. Sure, the endorphins help - but what helped even more was listening to some biblically inspired, and annointed worship music. This morning it was Matt Redman's "Beautiful News". I probably looked a little strange walking with an ocassional clap or hand lifted... all refreshed, I came home and cleaned!!! After all, I wanted the roses I left on the table for Laura to look good! Roses in the midst of dirt and clutter just don't impress as much.

Other than that, I'm fighting a cold, which is terrible anytime, but especially when its still so warm and nice out. It may actually be allergies exasperated by lawn-mowing!

I did have a teary moment the other night when listening to the Liberty Flames opening football game. It was pointed out how this year so much is going right for the team and they hope this is the year they go from good to great - but it will be without their number one fan, Jerry (Falwell). The new tradition for each game will be a moment of silence in his honor, followed by the playing of "Amazing Grace" on the bagpipes. At that point, a new flag, a jersey-like flag with the number 71 (the year LU was founded and the number on the Falwell jersey given to Jerry last October and then immediately retired) is hoisted. Listening to it all was very moving and I couldn't help but tear up. Its only been 3 1/2 months since Jerry went home. Sometimes it feels longer and sometimes it doesn't seem to be true.

On a totally unrelated note ... I have now been posting to this blog for over two years and I'm pretty pleased with that even with moments of inconsistency. Just look back at the oldest pictures of David and Lily and you'll see how much they've grown and changed! :)