Friday, July 29, 2005

Shifting the Shift

I've been working adjusted hours this week. The reason, not good. Turns out the birth mother changed her mind, and my manager has taken time off to spend with his wife and adjust to this traumatic turn of events. My heart is breaking for them. We know what it is like to hope for a child, to long for the day of arrival ... they were so excited. I know that God is in control and pray that He fulfills their longing soon, and this was just part of getting them ready somehow. Working a little earlier in the day, with him away, has given me more interaction with the Director - and yes more projects and responsibility, but that's a good thing. Daniel has been very helpful in watching David and Lily while I went in early these past three days. Daniel is now needing to spend tomorrow getting his room clean since I have family coming to visit soon -- and pack for Boy Scout camp which he plans to attend next week.